Say goodbye to rust stains

Eliminate limescale and hard water deposits throughout your home.

Westinghouse Water Refiners reduce limescale deposits on sinks, showerheads, even dishware!

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Our heritage

Founded more than 125 years ago, Westinghouse Electric Corporation is a global leader in consumer, commercial and industrial products. Built on a trusted heritage of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, Westinghouse’s state-of-the-art products first supplied the United States with electricity, transmitted the first radio broadcast around the world, and captured man’s first step on the moon. Today, Westinghouse’s growing and diverse portfolio includes home appliances, electronics, heating and air conditioning, lighting, power generation, green energy technology, water treatment, and more.

Why we are different

Today, people face many water challenges. Your water may taste bad, look bad and even feel bad. It may cause a variety of challenges throughout the home that lead to aggravation and expense. So what can be done about this? Westinghouse Water Refining Systems will enhance your life. That means no more hard water spots or soap residue on your dishes. Your skin will be softer; your hair will be more manageable. Westinghouse refines your water to the point that your water becomes a powerful solvent – all by itself. That’s right, your water can lift stains and clean surfaces. Now that’s delightful, day after day!

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Clean water...
You are what you drink, literally. That’s why clean water is the ONLY water you want going into your body. Get clean water today.

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